Xcelencia is both a founder and artist working at the intersection of music, technology, and culture. Born in Puerto Rico with Cuban roots, he grew up in the United States, where his cross-cultural upbringing shaped his musical identity. As a multidisciplinary artist, Xcelencia combines various styles, consistently pushing the boundaries of the genre.

A pioneer in web3 music, Xcelencia has successfully financed projects and built a loyal community of supporters by leveraging innovative models and platforms, including selling the first 1/1 Reggaeton music NFT, launching a social token, and crowdfunding his albums. By embracing cutting-edge technology and envisioning new possibilities for the industry, Xcelencia is helping to redefine the future of Latin music.

Throughout his career, Xcelencia has earned over 50 million streams, reached over 8 million listeners, and won awards as a songwriter. His accomplishments also include notable sync placements on Disney, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and a record-setting 12 songs featured in the popular sports video game MLB The Show 2023. Xcelencia's other notable moments include being selected for SXSW 2020 and performing at Tampa's Vibe Of The Bay Festival.
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