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Xcelencia makes new album an ‘evolving, dynamic collectible’Xcelencia makes new album an ‘evolving, dynamic collectible’
El niño estrella by Xcelencia on Mirror
We chat about the album, crate-digging, mindmaps, and the supreme importance of imagination.
What are Dynamic NFTs?
Dynamic NFTs are unique digital collectibles, that can change, evolve or interact based on different factors or data inputs.

Onchain data
*Insert here*
Is this also a membership pass?
Yes! Think of a Dynamic NFT as your personal digital VIP pass, transforming and leveling up like a video game character as you enjoy and interact more with your membership.

Theres levels to this!
Give me some utility

  • The art
  • The album
  • Connect with Xcelencia. (Join the telegram group!)
  • BTS access to album creation and process.
  • Rewards for each monthly update.
  • Claim or receive airdrops that I like to call “Moments”
  • Opportunity to A&R a collaboration?
  • Brand expansion and Character IP launch.
I prefer mindmap!
How can I join the collector chat?
After you've minted your pass join here -

What triggers the NFTs image/metadata to change?
A. We’re innovating by using off chain Spotify streaming data as a trigger, here's how it works:

  • Trigger: The image changes if Xcelencia gets 100k or more streams on Spotify within any given calendar month. Streams can be from any mix of songs by Xcelencia.

B. The great part about dynamic nfts? The ability to update media, attributes, and traits over time.

  • Imagine community-sourced rulesets, tiers, onchain member engagement, and other off chain events updating your collectible.
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